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  • Interested in writing an article for Ottawa XYZ?

    Interested in writing an article for Ottawa XYZ?

    Are you interested in writing an article for Ottawa XYZ? If so, please read the following guidelines. The cultural mapping team will begin recruiting contributors soon, but submissions are welcome at any time. For more information, please contact us.


    What is the purpose of the articles on Ottawa XYZ?


    The goal of Ottawa’s cultural mapping project is to create a dynamic online service that identifies Ottawa’s cultural and creative venues, sites, events, businesses, and organizations, and also to showcase and visually represent the value of these assets to our communities. Ottawa XYZ features a map of more than 2,000 cultural resources, supported by an extensive database. However, the map, by itself, does not tell the whole story. The purpose of the articles is to offer further insight into Ottawa’s cultural sector, its impacts and connections. For example, an article may be written about a neighbourhood that the map shows as having a large cluster of creative businesses. The article could discuss some of the reasons as to why the cluster may have formed in that location – something that may not be obvious from just looking at the map.


    What sort of articles are we looking for?


    The cultural mapping team is looking for articles that offer greater insight into Ottawa’s cultural sector, (as well as its connections to and impacts on other sectors) and that also connect to the map and other aspects of Ottawa XYZ. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Articles that share stories about places and assets on the map that offer a deeper understanding of those places and assets;


    • Articles that suggest reasons as to why clusters of creative/cultural activity may be forming in certain parts of the city;


    • Articles that bring in geographic data from other mapping projects (i.e. Ottawa Neighbourhood Study) to offer new insight into the geographic data on Ottawa XYZ;


    • Articles that analyze and report on the connection between geographic cultural data and other data (economic, social, environmental) attached to the cultural sector;


    • Articles that focus on various aspects of cultural place and space;


    • Articles that discuss challenges associated with cultural data collection, and the value of improving data collection and analysis.



    Who can contribute articles?


    The Cultural Development and Initiatives team will be establishing a lean editorial-type board that reviews and selects articles for publication. Guest contributors will be sought (one-time and longer term). In addition, submissions will be welcome from all members of the community. The team cannot guarantee that all content submitted will appear on Ottawa XYZ. All articles will need to comply with these guidelines and move through a selection/screening process.


    What will be expected from contributors?


    Ottawa XYZ is not meant to be an academic journal. Articles should be kept fairly short (usually 1,000 words is plenty) and written in easy-to-understand language. Images and other media may be included to complement the text.

    Contributors may write in the language of their choice. If contributors write in English or French, then the City will provide a translation to the other official language. Contributors who wish to write in a non-official language should contact the Cultural Development and Initiatives team in advance to discuss translation options.

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