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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is OttawaXYZ? 

OttawaXYZ is a cultural mapping website that contains information on Ottawa arts, heritage, and cultural resources. These include: built heritage, cultural facilities, non-profit cultural organizations, cultural and creative businesses, cultural events and festivals, public art, natural heritage, and cultural umbrella and service organizations. The site also includes “The ‘Z’ Space” for sharing stories about culture and experiences in Ottawa.

2. Why XYZ?

X and Y represent the coordinates of a spot on a map (latitude and longitude). In three dimensional mapping, Z represents depth (the 3rd dimension). Although the map is two dimensional (X and Y), depth (Z) carries meaning and importance. The depth of Ottawa’s cultural sector can be measured by its impact in communities. Culture touches the lives of each person in the city in one way or another. The “Stories” section of the website is called the “Z Space” – and its purpose is to share and highlight the impacts that culture has on places, communities, and people in Ottawa.

3. Who created OttawaXYZ?

OttawaXYZ was created by the City of Ottawa’s Cultural Services Branch with the support of numerous community partners who contributed data. Funding was received from the Province of Ontario through the Creative Communities’ Prosperity Fund.

4. Why did the City of Ottawa create OttawaXYZ?

The City of Ottawa recognizes the important role of culture in building a healthy, vibrant, and prosperous city. The City initiated this project in order to create a dynamic online service that identifies Ottawa’s cultural and creative venues, sites, events, businesses, and organizations, while also showcasing and visually representing the value of these assets to our communities.

5. Where did information on the map come from?

The information on the map has been gathered from many different sources. For some categories (i.e. Built Heritage), there were already established lists of resources that could be incorporated into this website. For other categories (i.e. Cultural Facilities), the data needed to be compiled from scratch. Cultural Services gratefully acknowledges the support of community partners and other City of Ottawa departments who helped to build the database.

6. I found information on the map that is incorrect. How do I report inaccurate information?

The City of Ottawa’s Cultural Services Branch makes great effort in ensuring information on the map is current, accurate, and reliable. However, if you find any information that you know to be incorrect or out-of-date, please let us know. You can also contribute additional cultural resources if you notice something that is missing.

7. Are the facilities and events listed on the map accessible?

For specific information regarding accessibility please contact the facility directly. For most facilities, an email address is provided with their listing on the map.

8. Who can submit information for OttawaXYZ?

Anyone! We encourage anyone who thinks that there is information that is missing, inaccurate, or outdated to contribute to the map.

9. How do I submit information?

To submit information for OttawaXYZ, please click on Contribute to the Map and complete the appropriate form.

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